Supply and Demand Paper - Running head SUPPLY AND DEMAND...

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Running head: SUPPLY AND DEMAND PAPER 1 Supply and Demand Paper Darrell Dannelley XECO/212 September 18, 2011 Troy Mahone
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SUPPLY AND DEMAND PAPER 2 Supply and Demand Paper Buying a home is big decision. There are many factors that one should consider when making a purchase of a new home. When buying a home the current state of the real-estate market should be examined to make sure it is a smart time to purchase. There are many different economics trends that a real estate market can be at (Everything Re, 2010). Of the trends supply and demand has a large influence on the price of a home. Supply and demand is a simple economic principal. When a price of something goes up or down as a result of quantity of product available is known as supply and demand. If there were many people looking for homes but not many homes were for sell the homes that were for sell would be able to be sold for a higher price. The reverse of this is if there are many homes for sell and not many buyers that the home must be sold for a cheaper price to make it more desirable. There are many factors that will control the supply and demand of homes. Recession has a large impact on the price of homes. When the economy is in a recession the price of homes will go down. The reason that this happens is that generally during a recession the unemployment rates rises and many homeowners are forced to sell their homes to sell their home due to their
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Supply and Demand Paper - Running head SUPPLY AND DEMAND...

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