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Running head: SHORT CASE: ORGANIZATION 1 Short Case: Organization Darrell Dannelley XMGT/216 October 14, 2011 Karen Heyse
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SHORT CASE: ORGANIZATION 2 Short Case: Organization MEMO: To: Senior Management From: Darrell Dannelley, CEO Date: October 14, 2011 Subject: Chemical Tank Removal Recently I have discovered the headquarters sits atop 30 large chemical tanks that are no longer in use. Although the tanks were drained 20 years ago, there is evidence that they are rusting and leaching sludge from various chemicals into the ground. This is a big concern seeing as we are in an area that supplies water to a city located 100 miles away. Before the tanks are removed and clean up begins, the headquarters building will first need to be bulldozed. This will be an extremely expensive project. After much research in this situation with my technical and financial department, it has been determined that the soonest the cleanup can begin is two years. In order for this cleanup not to affect the company’s wellbeing we will have to raise capital by stock
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Short Case Organization - Running head: SHORT CASE:...

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