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Short Case Management - Running head SHORT CASE MANAGEMENT...

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Running head: SHORT CASE: MANAGEMENT 1 Short Case: Management Darrell Dannelley XMGT/216 September 30, 2011 Karen Heyse
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SHORT CASE: MANAGEMENT 2 Short Case: Management The main ethical issue involved in a work place where a younger manager position is not respected by older employees is age discrimination. The manager is not getting the respect that their position entitles them to because they are many years younger than subordinates. The supervisor has to be cautious in dealing with this because he can be accused of age discrimination himself if not careful. If I was in the manager of the company described in the case there would be many steps I would take to remedy this ethical dilemma. The first step I would take would be to have a meeting with myself an all four of the individuals I was supervising. I would put out ground rules during the meeting. I would tell them what I expect form them in the feature and ask what they expect form me. I would give a history of myself telling them what I have done in the past and
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