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Ethics Awareness Inventory - Running head ETHICS AWARENESS...

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Running head: ETHICS AWARENESS INVENTORY 1 Ethics Awareness Inventory Darrell Dannelley XMGT/216 September 23, 2011 Karen Heyse
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ETHICS AWARENESS INVENTORY 2 Ethics Awareness Inventory According to the questions that I answered I tend to base ethical perspective on what is good rather then what is good to do. My ethical profile is most closely aligned with character and least closely aligned with equity. I think I feel this because in my life I have come across many people that will do something that is good, but the reason that they did it is for selfish reasons. Maybe they do good things but they did it to get recognized or for some other sort of gain in it. I think it is good that people do something good or ethical but I believe that the act has more substance if it is just done because it is the right thing to do. A person that does something ethical and does not think anything of it or tell anyone about it, I think higher of them then a person that does something and then makes sure everyone knows they did it.
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