Ethical Theories Paper - plays a large part in the animal...

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Running head: ETHICAL THEORIES PAPER 1 Ethical Theories Paper Darrell Dannelley XMGT/216 September 9, 2011 Karen Heyse
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ETHICAL THEORIES PAPER 2 Ethical Theories Paper
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ETHICAL THEORIES PAPER 3 Utilitarianism, is a decision that when made will have the largest benefit to society along with the lowest amount of detriment. The utilitarianism theory essentially states that more good will come out of an action than bad. In business an example of this could be a car manufacture releasing a car that receives very high miles per gallon at a low price. The car would have a very high benefit to society. The car would have a low negative impact to oil companies and gas stations, in this example the good out ways the bad so it is utilitarianism. An ethical thinker that is associated with the theory of utilitarianism is Peter Singer. Peter Singer is an Australian philosopher who
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Unformatted text preview: plays a large part in the animal liberation movement (Abbound, 2008) The decision making process that goes in to the utilitarianism theory would be to weigh the pros and cons of the action. The pros would have to out weight the cons. The utilitarianism theory is what action will have the higher good consequences over bad consequences. When coming upon a decision looking at the various activities as well as the results that are related with a problem would be utilitarianism (Trevino & Nelson, 2007).References Abbound, A. (2008). THE FUNDAMENTAL MORAL PHILOSOPHY OF PETER SINGER AND THE METHODOLOGY OF UTILITARIANISM. Excerpta et Dissertationibus in Philosophia, . (18), preceding p11-105, 95p. Trevino, L., & Nelson, K. (2007). Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk About How To Do It Right (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley....
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Ethical Theories Paper - plays a large part in the animal...

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