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Hispanic American Diversity - Running head HISPANIC...

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Running head: HISPANIC AMERICAN DIVERSITY 1 Hispanic American Diversity Darrell Dannelley ETH/125 January 23, 2011 Angie Andriot
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HISPANIC AMERICAN DIVERSITY 2 Hispanic American Diversity The United States Census Bureau reports that as of 2009 16% of the population of the United States of American is reported as Hispanic Americans. This relates to approximately forty-four million residents, making this the nation’s largest minority group. (Census Bureau, 2011) These residents come from many different places not just one. Places such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Cuba contribute to the Hispanic American Diversity. Mexican Americans amount to about 66% of the Hispanic American group. This group speaks both Spanish and English with in the U.S. Many Mexican Americans encourage the use of Spanish and they will live and work within a Spanish speaking community. They also have many forms for Spanish media that is available to them. The level of both Spanish and English competence amongst this group varies significantly. Groups such as the National Association for Bilingual Education are working to minimize the language barrier. Due to the large amount of individuals in this group you are able to find them in just about every occupation, including but not limited to local, state and federal positions. Mexican Americans also are part of all social, economic, and religious categories or groups. Although the majority of the group live in poverty. Family life is general important and strong throughout this group. A significant number of Mexican Americans or of the Catholic orientation and consider religion an important part of life.
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