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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Running head ETHNIC...

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Running head: ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 1 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Darrell Dannelley ETH/125 December 12, 2010 Angie Andriot
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ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 2 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Starting in 1820 there were a few Irish immigrants coming over to America at a time. The number of immigrants peaked at around 1840, but Irish immigrants continued coming over hundreds at a time up until about 1860. The Irish were immigrating due to their tough life, the potato famine, and cruel times in Ireland. Many Irish people started immigrating to America because they felt they had no other choice if they wanted to survive. The Irish traveled to America amidst harsh conditions, and when they arrived in America they were laughed at and taunted by the non-immigrant Americans. Though the Irish were not welcome this did not deter them from coming to the States. “During this time the Irish were never less than one third of all immigrants, which was around 3.5 million in total”. Though life in Ireland was difficult for the Irish, life in America was quite arduous as well. The Irish had to cope with redlining which is discrimination of housing. They lived in substandard living areas with horrible living conditions, diseases, lack of natural light and ventilation, along with constant flooding of sewage. The areas they lived in were typically basements and cellars. Many Irish immigrants resorted to alcohol abuse, most likely to deal with the horrible conditions. “In New York City in 1859, 55 percent of all people arrested were of
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Running head ETHNIC...

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