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Implicit Association Test - honest on the test that they...

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Running head: IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 1 Implicit Association Test Darrell Dannelley ETH/125 December 03, 2010 Angie Andriot
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IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 2 Implicit Association Test For my IAT chose to do the Skin-tone IAT. My result in this IAT was that I have no preference in chose over skin tone. I do believe that the results in the test that I took to be valid. I was always taught that the color of a person’s skin makes no difference on their skin. I have dated all different tones of skin and never looked at it as I was dating a person with a different color of skin than I had; I was just dating a person. I believe that it would be extremely difficult to accurately measure prejudice. The reason that I believe this is, unless the person is open about being prejudice they could not be 100%
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Unformatted text preview: honest on the test that they are taking and alter the results. I think that I would have been able to figure out how the test was working and make sure that my answers would give me a result of not having and prejudice when it came to the test. Perhaps if a person was hooked up to a lie detector machine that would measure if they were being honest with their answers then the test could not be considered accurate. There are other measures that sociologist can utilize to calculate prejudice. One measure is the Bogardus Social Distance scale. These tests will measure what people will admit to. This test scale will measure the amount of intimacy, warmth, hostility, or indifference to a certain group....
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Implicit Association Test - honest on the test that they...

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