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HW3CVertical Design - SUR 4201 Route Geometrics Homework#3C...

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SUR 4201 Route Geometrics Homework#3C Vertical Route Geometry: You are to design a vertical alignment for the road baseline that you worked on in Homeworks #1 and #2. The vertical alignment has the following parameters and requirements: 1. Plot the existing ground profile. a. Find the profile level notes below giving the ground's elevation at each station of your project. b. Plot the ground profile using Excel (Adjust the aspect ratio for a vertical exaggeration of about 20) 2. You are to design a vertical alignment from the baseline’s beginning to end that meets the following criteria: a. Match the elevation of the existing pavement centerline at the Begin Project and the elevation and slope of the existing pavement at the End Project. (Find pavement measured elevations below) b. Try to have no more than 4 ft of centerline cut or fill height c. Vertical curves should have the same vertical curvature (K) rounded to the nearest intervals of 5 (100, 105, 110), but the most gradual curvature you can get, try to keep “r” less than 1.0 %/sta.
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