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HW4C CrossSectionVol - SUR 4201 Route Geometrics...

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SUR 4201 Route Geometrics Homework#4C We will now develop cross sections for our road project and calculate earthwork volumes. BL Horizontal Alignment: Your HW2 baseline. BL Vertical Alignment: Your HW3 profile. Typical Section: This project has two 12’ traffic lanes, crowned at 2% for drainage. At the outside edges of pavement there is a 10 ft shoulder sloping 6%. The pavement and rock sub-base are of 15” total thickness. Earth side slopes lead from the edge of shoulder at a slope rate of 2:1 (horizontal to vertical) in both cut or fill to an intersection with the ground. Existing Ground: Field cross sections are measured of the existing ground surface at 200 ft intervals as shown in the notes below. The ground elevation is measured first at the baseline and at the left and right distances of 40 ft from the baseline giving the following elevations: offset (+right, -left), elevation. The ground is of constant slope from the BL to the 40 ft points left and right.
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