HW5B SpiralsSR25 C2.0 R1000

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SUR 4201 Route Geometrics Spirals Homework Before starting this HW, compute the SR25 tangent framework from Begin Project BP, to each PI, and then to End Project EP. Compute Cartesian coordinates for these points, We will now insert spirals into the SR25 alignment. For this homework, use the same Begin and End Project Point coordinates, the tangent azimuths (AZTTL1, AZTTL2, AZTTL3) and total tangent lengths (TTL1, TTL2, TTL3) as given in the original SR25. Design and calculation criteria: 1. We will insert entering and leaving spirals into Curve 1 and Curve 2, a total of four spirals. 2. As design choices, we will set the radius of both curves R=1000, the "jerk" of the spiral (C) of 2.0 ft per second cubed. Iterate your design to find maximum possible design speed for your design, causing the Ls to change accordingly. Choose the design speed Vd in multiples of 5 mph (40, 45, 50, etc), so that (1) the first spiral does not overlap the Begin Project point on TTL1, (2) the spirals don't overlap on TTL2, and (3)
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