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13 It was proposed by the FDOT to investigate the new FDOT specifications in relation to the old methods based on momentum conservation (i.e. FDOT, Gates, ENR, Modified ENR). Another important consideration was to evaluate the old methods for large capacity piles, which are used today, separately from small capacity piles (i.e. piles with capacity up to 2000 kN approximately). The latter reflects the magnitude of design loads for which piles were designed in the past in comparison to the present practice.
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14 CHAPTER 3 PILE CAPACITY ASSESSMENT USING STATIC AND DYNAMIC METHODS The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) under contract No. BB-349 required UF to evaluate the older empirical methods for determining pile capacity and compare them to the modern instrumented methods. In addition, it was required to obtain the resistance factor for each method (Load Resistance Factor Design - LRFD).
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Unformatted text preview: In order to perform the latter, the Davissons capacity served as the measured capacity for each pile. In the following sections, a brief description of the Davisson criterion together with the description of the empirical methods investigated will be presented. Davissons Capacity The Davisson method (Davisson, 1972) is one of many methods developed to determine the pile capacity based on a static load test results. Davisson defined the pile capacity as the load corresponding to the movement which exceeds the elastic compression of the pile by a value of 4-mm (0.15 inches) plus a factor equal to the diameter of the pile in millimeter divided by 120. Figure 3-1 presents the load-displacement curve resulting from a static load test. From this curve, the Davissons pile capacity can be obtained. The steps to obtain the Davissons capacity are as follow:...
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23_HWKTTE 4004c - In order to perform the latter, the...

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