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31 Dynamic Data (CAPWAP and PDA) The CAPWAP and PDA results were sometimes available only for EOD or BOR. Furthermore, not all CAPWAP analyses have complete PDA results available or vice versa. Having both results was not a requirement during the construction of the database. The PDA results include date, RMX (maximum Case Static Resistance calculated during the blow analysis) or other PDA calculated capacity as listed in the source report. The database also presents the PDA Case damping used for calculating the Total Static Resistance. CAPWAP results include date, tip and friction capacities, total capacity, and Case and Smith damping factors for side and tip, where the Case damping factors were calculated from the Smith damping factors. The latter was performed by dividing the Smith damping value by the impedance and multiplying the result by the side or tip resistance. Load Test Results PILEUF contains load test information, measured at the top of the piles. It includes the load in tons and settlements in inches at failure for a given criterion. The failure criteria presented in the database are: 1. Davisson 2. Fuller-Hoy 3. DeBeer 4. FDOT
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41_HWKTTE 4004c - 31 Dynamic Data (CAPWAP and PDA) The...

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