59_HWKTTE 4004c - becomes m Ri Design R P = (5-32) Equation...

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49 where Q D /Q L Dead to Live Load Ratio IM Dynamic Load Allowance Factor (equal 0.33) L Span Length (feet) Table 5-1 presents typical values of bridges span and the corresponding dead to live load ratios. Table 5-1. Values of QD/QL Based on Bridge Span Length Span Length, L Dynamic Load Q D /Q L (m) Allowance, IM 9 0.33 0.52 18 0.33 1.06 27 0.33 1.58 36 0.33 2.12 45 0.33 2.64 60 0.33 3.53 φ / λ R definition and importance. The axial design capacity of a pile may be represented as n R P φ = Design (5-30) However, from Eq. 5-10, we know the nominal resistance may be expressed in terms of measured value as
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50 Ri m n R R λ = (5-31) Substituting Equation 5-31 into Equation 5-30 the P Design
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Unformatted text preview: becomes m Ri Design R P = (5-32) Equation 5-32 gives the design capacity of a shaft for a specific site. If the bias Ri is replaced by the bias factor R , (which represents the average of the bias), then the design capacity is directly related to measured resistance (i.e. Davisson's capacity) and the LRFD fitting parameters , and . The / R ratio then represent the percentage of Davisson capacity is allowed for design for a given probability of failure. Obviously the higher the ratio fewer piles required and the better the method....
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59_HWKTTE 4004c - becomes m Ri Design R P = (5-32) Equation...

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