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Course Information Grading: 20% assignments: note that you will receive full credit for your assignments if you get at least 90% of the possible lon-capa marks during the term. .. eg if the total possible marks on assignments are 200, any score 180 or better will receive the full 20% assignment grade. A score of 160/200 would receive an assignment grade of 17.8% 80% exams: 1st option: 20% for each of 2 midterms (Feb 17 and Mar 24) 40% for final (Apr 10 3:30-6:30) 2nd option: If final exam grade is better than COMBINED midterms, the final will count for 80% (there is no option to drop just one midterm). Exams are closed book . Only simple non-graphics calculators are allowed. Physical constants (complete with their associated units) will be provided. Assignments: We will be using LON-CAPA for assignments. The website is
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Unformatted text preview: Discussions are permitted for the LON-CAPA assignments. The intent is for you to be able to discuss the concepts needed to answer the questions with your classmates. Please do not misuse this privilege by posting a formula that can be used for your classmates to 'plug in' their numbers. And I must emphasize very strongly: If you don't work out the assignments yourself, you will not be able to do well on the exams!! Generally the assignments will be due on Thursdays at 11:59 pm. The 1st LON-CAPA assignment, which is open now, will be due on Jan 19th. There is one written assignment, see attached file, that is due at 9:25 am Friday Jan 20th. Note that prior to each of the 2 midterms the LON-CAPA assignment will be due WEDNESDAY night, 11:59 pm, instead of Thurs....
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