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Spring 2006 D1: MWF 9:30 Dr J. Thewalt Office: SSB 8103 PHYSICS 102-3* General Physics II TEXTBOOK: " Physics: Principles with Applications " Author: Giancoli (6 th ed) Publisher: Pearson COURSE DESCRIPTION: A general survey course for life science students. Waves and optics; electricity and magnetism; modern physics emphasizing radioactivity. Prerequisite: PHYS 101. Recommended Corequisite: MATH 152, 155 or 158 should precede or be taken concurrently. Students are encouraged to take PHYS 130 at the same time as PHYS 102. Students with credit for PHYS 121 may not take PHYS 102 for further credit.
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Unformatted text preview: Topics: 1. Electrostatics: Forces 2. Electrostatics: Energy 3. Direct Current Electricity 4. Circuits 5. Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction 6. Alternating Currents and Electronics 7. Electromagnetic radiation 8. The Propagation of Light 9. Geometrical Optics 10. Physical Optics 11. Atomic physics 12. Nuclear physics 13. Radioactivity * This course may be applied towards the Certificate in Liberal Arts. GRADING: % of Total Grade Weekly assignments 20% 2 midterms (20% + 20%) 40% Final Exam 40%...
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