Economics 102 Problem Set _4 S2010

Economics 102 Problem Set _4 S2010 - Economics 102 Problem...

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1 Economics 102 Problem Set #4 Due in SmartSite on Monday, May 10 by 10 p.m. Department of Economics Professor Siegler UC Davis Spring 2010 Instructions: Please only turn in a Word document containing all of the relevant Excel output, calculations, and explanations for all three questions. 1. Multiple Regression and the Determinants of Long-Run Economic Growth The data in the file (growth.xls) in SmartSite comes from Gernot Doppelhofer and Melvyn Weeks (2009), “Jointness of Growth Determinants, Journal of Applied Econometrics 24(2), pp. 209-244. Let the dependent variable in the multiple regression model be the average annual growth rate (in percent) of real GDP per capita from 1960- 1996 (GR6096). Let the explanatory or independent variables be: 1. Absolute Latitude, measured as absolute value of degrees from equator (ABSLATIT) 2. Population Density in 1960 (DENS60) 3. Average Annual Growth Rate of Population (in percent) from 1960 to 1990 (DPOP6090) 4. Logarithm of Real GDP per Capita in 1960 (GDPCH60L) 5. Percent of Land Area Near Navigable Water (LT100CR) 6. Percent of Exports and Imports Relative to GDP, averaged over the period 1965 to 1974 (OPENDEC1) 7. Population in 1960 (POP60) 8. Primary School Enrollment Rate (in percent) in 1960 (P60) 9. Percent Protestant in 1960 (PROT00) 10. Percent of Time Spent in War from 1960 to 1990 (WARTIME) A. Based on what you know, what do you expect to be the signs of the regression coefficients on each of the ten explanatory variables listed above? Briefly explain in each case. B.
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Economics 102 Problem Set _4 S2010 - Economics 102 Problem...

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