Economics+102+Problem+Set+_3+S2010 - Economics 102 Problem...

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1 Economics 102 Problem Set #3 Simple Regression Due in SmartSite on Monday, May 3 by 10 p.m. Department of Economics Professor Siegler UC Davis Spring 2010 Instructions: Please only turn in a Word document containing all of the calculations and explanations. Use Equation Editor for Question 1 and you can paste in the Excel output, where appropriate, for Question 2. 1. Simple Regression the Old-Fashioned Way Estimate the regression coefficients with ordinary least-squares (OLS) for the model ( ܻ ൌߙ൅ߚܺ ൅݁ ) using the data below without using Excel (although you can use it to check your work and to find critical values): Y X 8 1 12 3 11 2 5 2 A. Show all of your work in computing ߙ and ߚ . B. Show all of your work in computing the coefficient of determination (R 2 ) and interpret its meaning. C. At the five-percent level of significance, can you reject the null hypothesis that ߚൌ0 ? Show your work and explain. D.
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Economics+102+Problem+Set+_3+S2010 - Economics 102 Problem...

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