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Loangkote 1 Lance Loangkote Prof. Alan Kimla, T.A. Ms. Jieun Lee Anthropology 2 – Final (Advertisement) 8 December 2009 The Hybrid Tree: Humans and Nature The idea of culture and technology can easily be expressed in advertisement photographs. In this specific ad, Toyota emphasizes an ultimate goal: to ensure that their new vehicles emit zero emissions. Furthermore, the picture stresses Toyota’s beliefs that there’s a balance between man and nature, in which humans also need to help reduce emissions. In Categories and Comparisons: How We Find Meaning in Photographs , author Howard Becker describes how photographs can be major indicators of how society is evolving. Through unexpected and random advertisements, one can derive certain problems and trends with humanity. Although the advertisement implies that other car manufacturers are behind in technological efficient means, the ad suggests, through great detail, that the pollution of automobiles in today’s world is the reason for increased greenhouse gases and global warming. Toyota’s aspirations of environmental welfare are expressed throughout the unique tree and the vivid background. The photo contains an elegant view of nature comprised of a tree, pond, and mountains. The lively, lucid color of the pond and mountains suggest that Toyota’s policies will be responsible this utopia. In addition, the tree is fused with a human hand at the bottom of the trunk. The hand symbolizes the need for humans to take action towards the problem of gas emissions. Furthermore, the fusion of the hand and tree represent Toyota’s strong involvement with hybrid technology. On the contrary to hybrid vehicles, the hybrid in this ad consists of a tree and a human hand. The hybrid object suggests that the combination of humans
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Loangkote 2 and nature will result in a clean, healthy environment which is shown in the background. Also, the clarity in which the picture is presented shows the viewer how ideal and clear the world can potentially look with zero emissions. Toyota’s goal is explicitly stated on the top left corner of the ad which emphasizes “zero emissions”. Evidently, the ad infers that Toyota will be significantly responsible for the potential restoration to the natural world. Despite the fact that various car manufacturers are reproducing more fuel efficient vehicles, this Toyota ad argues that the environmental atmosphere will be cleaner if producers authorize to all aspects of vehicle development. Toyota meticulously includes material design, environmental impact, and rightful disposal and crucial aspects of their dedication towards environmental preservation, which is explicitly stated in small text on the bottom of the ad. According to Becker, the creators of the photos tend to stay within the essential meaning of the
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ANTFINAL - Loangkote 1 Lance Loangkote Prof Alan Kimla T.A...

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