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Final Exam - Final Exam(20 pts graded S/U Unsatisfactory...

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Final Exam (20 pts graded S/U) Unsatisfactory will get 10/20. Not turned in will get 0/20 You have three choices about when you would like to hand it in: 1) The last day of lecture class, in person 2) on the final exam day Dec between xx-xx in our classroom, in person or 3) any time between the last day of lecture class and the final exam date and time, according to your TA's instructions. Your TA will specify whether they want the exam in their mailbox or email or other method, otherwise you can always turn it in on the last day of lecture class or at the final in the first half hour. This Final tests basic writing abilities to connect together another thinkers' writing, an empirical matter, and your own thinking. This is the most basic ability required for writing in the social sciences, arts, and humanities, and it will be checked at the end of the course. In the case of the final, the demonstration of this ability will be connected specifically to the theme of culture as expressed in class readings. Hand in a manila envelope with your name, student id number, and section TA and
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