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Loangkote 1 Lance Loangkote Prof. Alan Kimla, T.A. Ms. Jieun Lee Anthropology 2 – Film Review (Spirited Away) 3 December 2009 Inextricability of Culture The forces of cultural and social pressures strengthen an individual. In the Japanese Film Spirited Away , the main character, Chihiro finds herself lost in a dimensional world which forces her to work for survival and liberation. Chihiro encounters various adverse tasks which eventually help build her maturity into an adult woman. Comparatively, as Chihiro makes her transition from her old world to the new dimensional world, she exhibits the “consensus gentium” which generally binds all cultures by a common moral. Although Chihiro was stripped of her psychological, sociological, and cultural layers, she exemplified herself as a mature individual with courteous character in a new society by utilizing her core biological level. The film begins as adolescent Chihiro and her parents drive to their new house in a new town. Her father then takes a shortcut, which in turn, gets the family lost in an abandoned theme park. Chihiro and her family explore the abandoned theme park which would eventually turn into a new dimensional world of a city run by spirits and animals. As her parents stumble upon lots of food, Chihiro wanders off to meet a boy named Haku, who throughout the film aides Chihiro in her endeavors. She then finds out her parents were turned into pigs due to the greedily actions as they ate food before obtaining permission for who was responsible. The concept of greed is prevalent throughout the movie and acts as a motif. Next, Chihiro finds work at a bathhouse which acts as a symbol for maturity as she now has to work as an adult. Initially, Chihiro is teased and criticized for her inexperience in work
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Loangkote 2 mainly because she portrays a young, spoiled “human.” However, as the movie progresses, Chihiro learns the notion of maturity as she takes the responsibility of certain duties which other characters did not find feasible. For example, Chihiro took on the responsibility of cleaning the Stink Spirit and exhibited maturity by not complaining or giving into the difficulty of the desired task. Consequently, she was then able to clean the Stink Spirit and free it of its burden of metal trash. At this point in the film, Chihiro is showing signs of growth in her character as she accomplishes her first difficult duty. Furthermore, Chihiro’s character is transformed and developed throughout her experience in the new society. In the beginning of the film, Chihiro is portrayed as a childish, self-indulgent kid who complains about the new changes in her life. She exclaims, “[The new school is] gonna stink like my old school” and responds to the aging of her flowers with, “My flowers are dying.” Hence, this indicates to the audience that Chihiro is portrayed as a typical, spoiled girl that lacks discipline. She continuously rants and complains about the imperfections in her life. However, as
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Spirited Away - Loangkote 1 Lance Loangkote Prof Alan Kimla...

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