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Golgi Apparatus (complex, Body): o Flattened membranous sacs with distended ends o Receives Transport Vesicle from ER (cis face) o Ships secretory vesicles to the other end (trans face) for exportation o Modifies, Stores and delivers proteins and glycoproteins o In plants, synthesizes components of cell wall like pectin (not cellulose) o Makes Lysosomes Protein Exportation o Protein Synthesis begins on a Free Ribosome o Signal peptide (sequence) on Growing Protein o Free Ribosome moves on Cytoskeleton to outside surface of RER
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Unformatted text preview: o Protein Synthesis Continues on a Bound Ribosome o Protein enters RER via pore o Protein moves to SER o SER makes Transport Vesicle to carry protein o Transport Vesicle fuses to receiving end of Golgi Apparatus o Protein processed, stored, sorted, delivered o Golgi Apparatus removes chemical tag to release protein in secretory vesicle o Secretory vesicle fuses to plasma membrane by exocytosis...
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