BIO NYA 27 - 2 Citric Acid or Kreb Cycleyields 2 ATP in...

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Mitochondrion (Mitochondria) Double membrane, Cristae, matrix DNA, Ribosomes, Self-Replicates Cellular Respiration o Yielding Cellular Energy (36-38 ATP) for Cellular Work o 3 Reactions : 1. Glycolysis yields 2 ATP in Cytoplasm (anaerobic, Fermentation, Ethanol or Lactate(lactic acid))
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Citric Acid or Kreb Cycleyields 2 ATP in Matrix 3. Electron Transport Chain in Cristae yields 32-34 ATP Figure 23. Mitochondrion and overview of Cellular Respiration...
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