summary 1 - Summary of The People Own Ideas by Lawrence...

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Summary of “The People Own Ideas” by Lawrence Lessig Lessig argues that digital rights management will compromise the free culture that Americans live in because it will automatically build copyright controls into digital software, eliminating the ability to “remix” copyrighted works. Digital rights management is a proposal that would increase copyright controls beyond what people have ever seen, and this in turn would impose great restrictions on American culture. Remixing is the process of taking the creative work of another person and changing it to incorporate one’s own values and creativity. With the introduction of DRM, this would be almost impossible without the express permission of whoever created the first work and it would be very difficult to advance culture. There is currently a movement based in Brazil that seeks to create a software code that could function as a complete operating system, which could be used and changed by anybody as long as they make the information public. This would solve the problem of DRM because DRM is seeking to
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summary 1 - Summary of The People Own Ideas by Lawrence...

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