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Sarah Croog ID# 24939025 Journal #10 Discussion 8 TA: Barbra McCall This past week, Professor Gerber moved from the topic of various methods of baby delivery, as well as the symptoms and treatments for STI’s and STD’s to further continue discussion of STI’s as well as the functions of the male and female anatomy. For one of the first times in the semester, the lectures in class directly related to and complemented the readings assigned in class. The article called “HIV testing” discussed the various ways in which a person may be tested for HIV, as well as the development of HIV into AIDS. The next article, “Frequently Asked Questions about AIDS” went further in depth about the various ways that HIV is contracted, as well symptoms and treatments. The final article, which more resembled a website, featured an online database of information about various Sexually Transmitted Diseases. This website was very informative, and reiterated and expanded on many of the facts already introduced about STIs/STDs in past lectures. The HIV Testing article debunked the numerous myths about methods of HIV testing. The article noted that the most common HIV test is a blood test. It also wrote that the tests are 99.5% accurate, the first test often being called the “ELISA” test. A
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This note was uploaded on 10/19/2011 for the course PUBHLTH 160 taught by Professor Gerber during the Spring '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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Sarah Croogjournal10 - Sarah Croog ID# 24939025 Journal #10...

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