DeanaCroogjournal1 - favorite novels but more importantly,...

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Deana Croog English 200 Rachel Mordecai Journal entry #1 To read (verb): 1. To look carefully so as to understand the meaning of (something written, printed, etc.) 2. To make out the significance of by scrutiny or observation. It may appear contradictory that I preface a journal intended to reveal my reading habits with a definition of reading that is not my own. I do so, however, to illustrate the importance of utilizing and understanding terms and concepts in combination with one’s own observations to achieve a full appreciation of a text. Understanding the meaning of a text is born in understanding such literary elements as figurative language. Figurative language, specifically symbolism, tickles me most. Gatsby’s hope and expectations in Daisy, symbolized by the green light in The Great Gatsby, the fig tree in a story that Esther Greenwood reads that is symbolic of Esther’s ultimate indecision in The Bell Jar -- the preceding are not only two examples from my
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Unformatted text preview: favorite novels but more importantly, they hold that title because they are brimming with beautiful imagery. I enjoy reading for the sheer beauty of language. Literature is a distraction from the hysteria and monotony of life. Language isnt just a series of pronouns, verbs, and adjectives; it is not a scientific formula, nor a series of points to plot on a graph, but a fluid and honest representation of ones thoughts, history, and imagination. That, for me, is beauty. And because I am entranced in the seduction of words, writing, and particularly screenwriting, reading plays and screenplays excites me. I plan on combining film and English somehow as a major, and thus, anything film-related, count me in. Therefore, being exposed to a wide spectrum of literature- short stories, poetry, novels, and plays, will certainly avail me a wealth of opportunities to hone my reading skills....
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DeanaCroogjournal1 - favorite novels but more importantly,...

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