Country yield us 53 japan 15 canada 52 korea 54

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Unformatted text preview: estments (based on 10‐year government bonds) in several countries in 2004 – 2005. Country Yield U.S. 5.3% Japan 1.5% Canada 5.2% Korea 5.4% Australia 6.0% 7. Assuming that you invest $10,000 in Japan, how long (to the nearest year) must you wait before your investment is worth $15,000 if the interest is compounded annually? 8. If you invest $10,400 in the U.S., and the interest is compounded monthly, how many months will it take for your investment to grow to $20,000? 9. Soon after taking an aspirin, a patient has absorbed 300 mg of the drug. If the amount of aspirin in the bloodstream decays exponentially, with half being removed every two hours, find, to the nearest 0.1 hour, the time it will take for the amount of aspirin in the bloodstream to decrease to 100 mg....
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