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Test Bank to Accompany Listen , Sixth Edition Copyright © 2008 by Bedford/St. Martin's C H A P T E R 4 Musical Form and Musical Style Multiple-Choice Questions 6. Form and Forms, p. 50 In a piece of music that can be diagrammed as A B A , the A indicates _________, and the B indicates _________. a. contrast; repetition b. repetition; contrast c. variation; contrast d. contrast; variation 9. Musical Genres, p. 51 The genre of a musical work can be determined by its:
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Unformatted text preview: a. period in history. b. inner and outer forms. c. text, function, and performing forces. d. meter, key, and tempo. Essay Questions 3. Form in Music, p. 48 What is the function of musical form? What is the value of repetition and contrast? 6. Form and Feeling, p. 49 What might the composer of a long work, such as a symphony, do to make the form of the work more comprehensible for the listener? 11. Musical Genres, p. 51 Contrast musical form and genre....
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