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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 10 Baroque Vocal Music Multiple-Choice Questions Listening 1. Julius Caesar, “La giustizia,” p. 158 Who composed Julius Caesar? a. Johann Sebastian Bach b. George Frideric Handel c. Antonio Vivaldi d. Arcangelo Corelli 6. Messiah, p. 161 Who composed Messiah? a. Johann Sebastian Bach b. Antonio Vivaldi c. Henry Purcell d. George Frideric Handel 15. Cantata No. 4, “Christ lag in Todesbanden,” p. 165 Who composed “Christ lag in Todesbanden”? a. Antonio Vivaldi b. Henry Purcell c. Johann Sebastian Bach d. George Frideric Handel Topics 25. Opera, p. 154 The most important genre in Baroque secular vocal music is: a. the madrigal. b. the chanson. c. opera. d. the motet. 28. Italian Opera Seria, p. 155 The text of an opera is called the: a. mot. b. word painting. c. arioso. d. libretto. Test Bank to Accompany Listen, Sixth Edition Copyright © 2008 by Bedford/St. Martin's 29. Recitative, p. 156 The technique of declaiming words musically in a heightened, theatrical manner is called: a. word painting. b. vocabulary of the emotions. c. recitative. d. aria. 30. Recitative, p. 156 A recitative in which only continuo instruments play the accompaniment is called: a. accompanied recitative. b. secco recitative. c. arioso. d. da capo. 32. The Castrato, p. 157 Castrati generally sang parts. a. soprano or alto solo b. soprano or alto chorus c. tenor or bass solo d. tenor or bass chorus 34. Aria, p. 157 The musical term for “from the beginning” is: a. arioso. b. da capo. c. a tempo. d. allegretto. 43. Women in Music, p. 164 In the Baroque era, women were most able to be professional musicians by: a. playing an instrument. b. singing. c. making instruments. d. composing music. 45. George Frideric Handel, p. 161 Handel’s most famous oratorio, which is frequently performed today, is: a. Julius Caesar. b. Water Music. c. Rodelinda. d. Messiah. 59. Chorale Prelude, “Christ lag in Todesbanden,” p. 168 Bach’s collection of 162 short chorale preludes is called: a. The Art of Fugue. b. Orgelbüchlein (“Little Organ Book”). c. The Well-Tempered Clavier. d. Goldberg Variations. Essay Questions Test Bank to Accompany Listen, Sixth Edition Copyright © 2008 by Bedford/St. Martin's 5. Italian Opera Seria, p. 155 Define libretto. What is the term for one who writes libretti? 6. Recitative, p. 156 Describe what happens in an opera during a recitative. Refer to plot, possible accompaniment styles, meter, melody, and form in your answer. 8. The Castrato, p. 157 Define castrato. Briefly describe the role, purpose, and lives of castrati. 18. Women in Music, p. 164 Briefly explain the career opportunities for women in the Baroque era. How did music offer opportunities for women to work? What were the advantages and disadvantages of such careers? Test Bank to Accompany Listen, Sixth Edition Copyright © 2008 by Bedford/St. Martin's ...
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