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San Francisco State University MUSIC 501 – Fall 2011 Music, The Listener’s Art Professor: Jassen Todorov Office: Fine Arts 521 Phone: 415-338-7760 E-mail: [email protected] Personal website: Class meets on M/W: 2:10-3:25 pm (Knuth Hall) Office Hours: M/W from 1-2 pm, 3:30-4 pm, or by appointment Required Text: “Listen” by J.Kerman/G.Tomlinson, 6 th Edition. This book comes with a 6-CD set, 3-CD set and 1 DVD. (There will be one textbook on reserve in the library along with all CDs and DVD). Course Overview: Music 501 will include: A thorough survey of the musical elements, the constituent parts of a musical composition and the practice of music, including pitch, tempo, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, meter, texture, instruments and voices. A detailed survey of the six musical epochs in Western classical music, including the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras. The survey will include characteristic stylistic features, important composers, genres, compositional techniques, and forms, and an understanding of the cultural context in which the music arose. Along the way, we will listen to recordings and discuss the interpretation of music by various performers. Course Objectives: At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to: Identify and describe the elements of music: pitch, dynamics, tempo, rhythm, meter, instrumentation, texture. Identify & describe, compare & contrast elements of musical style and culture of the different musical eras: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century. Identify and differentiate important musical forms and compositional techniques from each of the musical epochs. Appraise the quality of performances (both the execution and interpretation) of music in concert & on record. Grading: Attendance 30% Mid-term Exam 20% Final Exam 30% 2 Concert Reports 20% (each report is worth 10%) A 94-100% A- 90-93%
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B+ 86-89% B 83-85% B- 80-82% C+ 76-79% C 73-75% C- 70-72% D+ 66-69% D 63-65% D- 60-62% F below 59% Exams : 1 Mid-Term Exam and 1 Final Exam. Exams will include multiple choice, fill-in, and short essay. If you must take an exam at a date other than on the date(s) below, you must provide an acceptable reason and make arrangements with the instructor well in advance . It is usually NOT possible to take an exam earlier than the dates below. Failure to take exams will result in a negative grade, i.e. the grade will be LESS than an F for exam(s) missed . Listening: 9 CDs (along with your textbook will also be on reserve in the Media Access Center). There will be several listening examples on each exam. You will be responsible for aurally recognizing and identifying the instruments of the orchestra. You will also be asked to identify pieces of music by composer and title on all exams. DO NOT PUT OFF PREPARING FOR THE LISTENING PORTION OF THE EXAM.
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MUS501Syllabus - San Francisco State University MUSIC 501...

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