PLS 100 Review Sheet 2

PLS 100 Review Sheet 2 - PLS 100 Review Sheet 2 In terms of...

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PLS 100 Review Sheet 2 In terms of Kings/Slaves when does civil rights occur? When the king declares all slaves free. King declares all commoners equal to compete for limited resources If a King is committed to equality then what 3 things must happen? 1. No rules should be biased. 2. Compensation to make up for past wrongs. 3. Needs boost to make competitive in terms of economic/social equality Is there preferential treatment in terms of race, ethnicity and gender, around the world? Yes there are in many cases What is the difference between the 13 th , 14 th , 15 th amendments? 13 th freed the slaves. 14 th due process clause, equal protection to all persons. 15 th voting rights for all adult men What does civil rights refer to? Things the government cannot do, helps to guarantee equality for all After the civil war what was the party of the North and the party of the South? The north had the republican party the south had the democratic party What did the 1 st and 2 nd civil rights do? 1 st civil rights act of 1866 gave all blacks full equality before the law and the national gov power to enforce this. 2 nd civil rights act of 1875 gave everyone equal access to all public facilities. Northern troops moved down south to enforce these. What were the issues surrounding the compromise of 1877? South agreed to let Rutherford Hayes win the presidential election if all troops moved out of the south. South then legalized segregation. What did Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) do? Separate but equal doctrine in the south. Courts argued that as long as it was equal it didn’t violate the 14 th amend. What is the difference between De jure and De Facto segregation? De jure is segregation back by the law (jim crow laws) de facto is segregation not back by the law What were the five barriers to voting (or voting rights curtailed)? Poll taxes, literacy test, property qualifications, grandfather clause, white primaries. Main problem is that handling elections was done by the state not feds What did Guinn v. US (1915 ) rule? Outlawed the grandfather clause What did Nixon v. Herdon (1927) rule? Outlawed white primaries What did the 24 th amendment do? Banned poll taxes What did Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954) rule? Rejected the separate but equal clause, especially concerning schools. What did Brown II (1955) rule? Ordered for the speedy desegregation of the schools fasho Who were the “Little Rock nine” and what is the MSU connection? A group of blacks that desegregated a school in Little Rock, AR and feds were sent in to enforce it. Two of them went on to study at MSU Is busing still enforced today? Busing had been used to combat de facto segregation but is no long
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PLS 100 Review Sheet 2 - PLS 100 Review Sheet 2 In terms of...

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