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06/09/10 THE MARKET REV, CIVILIZING THE MACHINE, AND INDUSTRY (THE EARLTY NATIONAL PERIOD 19TH CENTURY) KARL MARX. ..all new forms become antiquated, all that is solid melts into air. that is him describing capitalism. Constant past paced change in capitalism, old structures quickly become unstable. change distinguishes capitalism. RECAP despite jeffersons ostoral idea of the yeoman farmer and the artisan system improvements in national infrastructure the pace of business increases OUTLINE: 1. TRANSPORTATION, 2. THE MARKET REV, 3. THE ENTRPRENEURIAL FIRM, 4. THE LOWELL MILLS TURNPIKE BOOM, 1790'S-1820'S MORE COMMON IN THE NORTH corporations were limited by the government. they were given government charters to buil things for the public good. toll roads make travel easier. hence, they make the trasportation of good more available. ERIE CANAL first major US project, taken by the state of NY. 1818-1826, cost 10 million bucks. engneering miracle for some, these networks were good, for other, not so much. a domestic econ begins to develop. econ geo of the US changes. it can be seen around a canal: take two towns, the closest will be more economically vibrant. farther towns are farther away and had a harder time bringing goods. LOCATION,LOCATION, LOCATION. unintended consequences over all, the canal was a good thing, but the economic nature of cities changes gives way to the second great awakening. new market forces unleashed. the market REV. some see wealth rise, other see it fall. these new transport tech changed econ geo of the country. but the work itself also
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