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06:10:10 guilded age - SLAVERY IN THE US OUTLINE: COLONIAL...

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SLAVERY IN THE US OUTLINE: COLONIAL ERA, SLAVERY IN THE SOUTH, SLAVERY AND CULTURE. THE commercial aspects of slavery. ... SLAVERY N THE COLONIAL ERA british colonial activity in the south while the puritans built the city on a hill, the colonies in the south were more profit oriented. the south offered favorable agrarian weather. jamestown VA both african slaves and indentured eropean servants more indentured servants more econ efficient to bring indentured servants. ...lots of them committed suicides. some slaves are able to somehow gain freedom in the 17th century. ... BACON'S REBELLION in virginia leads to the defying of slavery mainly by race 1676 king phillips was being fought in the north nathaniel bacon leads the rebellion of these workers. power struggle between the masses and the elite of jamestown the moment when european powers began to see a racial hatred towards slaves and natives the people that revolted were people that werent prosperous. sort of a class struggle.these peeps were on the outskirs of town and feared for their lives COLONIAL ERA SLAVERY ENLIGHTENMENT ideas began to circulate john locke the revolt makes european labor seem dangerous by late 17th century, it was leagal to kills slaves by the end of the 17th century there are more afreicans large scale tradin royal african company n 1672, slave trade triangle trade. ...ya know this process creates a form of culture that s particular to the atlantic. the africans causing the atlantic. ....Creoles produces the middle passage SLAVERY AND THE PECULIAR INSTITUTION jefferson worried about the dependence of slavery the paradox of amercan freedom cuz of enlightement ideals, the founding fathers worried about slavery
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slavery is a really unstable system. 1790 atlantic slave trade banned. yet really robust domestic slave trade already functioning. SLAVERY IN THE SOUTH CULTURAL FORCAL POINT slaves moved to chattle status. ....property links between the market rev and slavery the south was more different in character form the north\ no cities in the south agrarian system slaves form the econ base of the south salces lived in a plantation with atlest ten slaves
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06:10:10 guilded age - SLAVERY IN THE US OUTLINE: COLONIAL...

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