6:15:10 - SOCIAL DARWINISM -the "poor desrve to be poor"...

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SOCIAL DARWINISM -the "poor desrve to be poor" -"justifies the rich doing what they do in order to be rich" -suddenly peeps aren ahamed of big sums of wealth, -spencer the english coned the term survival of the fittest -provides a justification for the excess of the guilded age ROBBER BARONS -late 19th century - large corps come around, they become wealthy -inside corps, large production can go on faster and cheaper -vertical and horizontal integration -vertical, you control all along the way, form products to production. like rockefeller with oil, they owned exploration, refining, all the things in the process. this made it really difficult for other companies to join in. -standard. ...efficiency of scale -great merger in american business. 1890-95 -priice wars -ANDREW CARNEGIE: 1835-1919. originally form scotland, his fam moves to penn in 1848. -he takes the idea of the self made man and makes it his success story -he worked as a telegraph at western union -railroads tied with telegraphs. -from western union he goes to the penn rairoad, the biggest corp of the country, later he works at steel. -CARNEGIE IN THE READING, SOCIAL DARWINISM AND THE SELF MADE MAN EMERGE. also he means to NOT LET THE GOV TOUCH THE MONEY. he was all for building things so that people could work for their bettering. atipycal of the robber barons. he subscribes to the social darwinist idea. give peeps themeans to rise, right along the socail darwinism. he agrees with the gilded age
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6:15:10 - SOCIAL DARWINISM -the "poor desrve to be poor"...

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