6:20's - TAYLORISM AND MODERNITY moving to a mind set that...

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TAYLORISM AND MODERNITY moving to a mind set that you can control the world and other things. -industrialization intesifies -taking control of the world. ... FREDERICK WINSLOW TAYLOR: devised "scientific management", reflects this increased attitude about processes. the move towards rationalization. ... TAYLORISM -like many early managers, he was an engineer, he treats factories like a huge machine. if you can rationalize everything then you can make it more and more efficient. ...sorta like the division of labor from before. -to rationalize! -he thought he was applying scienitfic principles to labor. -he worked for Midvale steel Comp. 1883-84, stopwatch time study, he was only movement that is efficient. -records minute mobility and rearranges them to make them more efficient and begins to treat people like actual machines -later he forms the manufacturing investment company, he tells other how to efficiently use laborers as the machine. -many of his ealry studies were conducted on a human subject. ...Schmidt: ideal labor -taylor thought he was an idiot and therefore a perfect lab rat -1903, taylor retires 1911 he publishes The principles of scientific management, it reflects a moern attutude of increased mechanization and stuff, what tayolr was after. -early in the 20th century, farani and lillian gilbreth become deoted to taylors. .... -they came up with a certain kitchen layout -the idea of controling the environment. .."the kitchen Practical" -all about the practical was designed to mmaximize efficiency -the father of consulting business at times. -taylors influence wasnt really much -taylors ideas, the idea of scientific management was the mocdern attitude to be able to control processes. - 6/22/10 PROGRESSIVEISM AND BUSINESS IN THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY the rise of the consumer mentality was a big change of the 19th cantury (late), the sears catalogue was the shizzzzz back to mdernity and mechanization and ugh modernity coming to the country: the homestead act of 1862 opens the west, and begins to be settled 1899: sears a watch company. ....first wave of modernity cuz of the new coming of standard time
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1893: sears catalogue in its fpresent form emerged 1894: sears begins to include guns, instruents, jewels. and other stuff
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6:20's - TAYLORISM AND MODERNITY moving to a mind set that...

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