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6/28 CONSUMPTION AND THE SUBURBS AFTER WWII 1. THE COLD WAR U.S. and USSR rise as econ powers. bothe get anxious about each other policy must be created to ease the concerns policy of containment suspicion of communism since the october revolution of 1917 the high alert at home of subversives Mccarthy in 1950. ..he had no hard proof small peeps into communism ___________________________________ 2. POST WAR LIFE strong econ savings + war time restrictions = money to spend arms race, money is being spent in learning institutions so that they may gain the upper hand in the arms race. 3. The KITCHEN DEBATE ____________________ 6/29/10 1940's-1960's: THE AMERICAN ERA 1. THE AMERICAN CENTURR BY HENRY LUCE - published, Time, Life. ... - he argues for a far more international role for the US - free trade an interprize he sees as integral - precursor to coming ideas of foreign policy and stuff - part of this is post war planning - heralds change in the way the US sees the world - creating institutions that facilitate the flow of money, ideas and . ....through the world is the idea of breton woods - new international global system immediately after WWII 2. BRETTON WOODS - john maynard keynes. - three big things came from the woods get together: international menetary fund IMF, GATT, and the world bank. - IMF was the original purpose, yet the world bank has become the symbol -IMF: shore up and help the world monetary system, to stop depression and stuff - GATT: pursue a policy for full employment around the world, goes along with the idea
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to set up free trade around the world, and stable exchange rates - world bank: lends money to war torn erope to rebuild, later it was for tird world countries to develop -bretton woods: set up currency exchange rates, all of which is tied to the US dollar -and he promotes the expansion of free trade - the trauma of the first part of the 20th century are taken by woods' ideas, to solve ish -through the institutions created by woods, globalization was made more possible
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