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TRIDENT UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL Dean J. Keveles Module 5 Session Long Project ACC403 - Principles of Accounting Dr. Eugene Nesbitt June 15, 2011
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The organization I selected for my Session Long Project is the United States Field Artillery Association (USFAA), located on Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The USFAA is a non-profit organization that provides sales of individual and corporate memberships and products to support funding of five separate programs and four special projects. Besides the sales of memberships to this organization, they sell many products which fosters and preserves the spirit, traditions and solidarity of the Field Artillery. Since the USFAA is a non-profit organization which does not produce their own products, finding a financial decision was a bit challenging for this module. However, since they do provide a service, in discussion with the Managing Director, Ms. Suzette Ortiz, a decision being considered within the USFAA is whether or not to continue providing grants to each chapter for their sustaining and new members.
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