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Session Long Project 2 - TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J Keveles...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J. Keveles Module 2 Session Long Project BUS303 - Business Communication Dr. Marsha Beckwith-Howard January 29, 2011
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TO: Mr. John Sparks, Director, Institute for NCO Professional Development, TRADOC FROM: CSM Dean J. Keveles, Commandant, US Army NCO Academy, Fort Sill, Oklahoma DATE: January 29, 2011 SUBJECT: Request to permit NCO Academy Commandants authority to Administer Oath of Reenlistment A change to regulatory guidance needs updating in authorizing Commandants of Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academies to administer the Oath of Reenlistment to the assigned cadre of the NCO Academy. Based on current responsibilities of NCO Academy Commandants, this increase in authority would improve efficiency and provide better moral and esprit de corps amongst cadre assigned at NCO Academies. Background AR 601-280, Appendix D-2 states "A commissioned officer or a commissioned warrant officer of the Armed Forces of the United States will administer the oath. The officer must currently be on either active, reserve (active or inactive), or retired reserve status." As per paragraph 1–8. Authority to Act on Retention Actions, sub-paragraph d., a Soldier currently serving in the Active Army who wishes to reenlist, or extend his or her current enlistment, submits a DA Form 3340-R (Request For Reenlistment Or Extension In The Regular Army) to his or her immediate commander, whom is the Commandant of the NCO Academy, in this case. As per paragraph 3–7, Commander’s Evaluation of Soldier for Continued Service, Commanders should evaluate all potential reenlistees under the “whole person” concept. It is the Commandant that knows his/her Soldiers in the “whole person” concept better than an officer from outside the organization. Facts
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Session Long Project 2 - TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J Keveles...

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