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SLP 1 - TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J Keveles Module 1 Session Long...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J. Keveles Module 1 Session Long Project BUS303 - Business Communication Dr. Marsha Beckwith-Howard January 17, 2011
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SUBJECT: Mandatory Online Training School Chiefs, It is imperative that all Small Group Leaders complete their mandatory training in accordance with Army Regulation 350-1. The following classes are listed as mandatory annual training: 1. Accident Avoidance 2. Basic Safety Course 3. Composite Risk Management 4. Anti-Terrorism Level 1 This training is accomplished using the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) online. Small Group Leaders log on using either of two methods: 1. Common Access Card and assigned PIN, or 2. The Army knowledge Online (AKO) username and password. Suspense for completion of all four modules is Monday, 24 January 2011. If the Small Group Leader is on platform with students, I expect them to accomplish the training at home, in the evenings or over the weekend, as ALMS can be accessed from home personal computers, as well as on office systems. Please do not let them wait until the last minute to complete the training, as we have seen where AKO goes offline occasionally. If there are any questions or concerns about this directive, please feel free to contact me at the phone number in my signature block, or respond to this e-mail with your concerns or a request for clarification.
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