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TD4 Presentations - TD-Presentations Youve read Edward...

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TD-Presentations You’ve read Edward Tufte’s critique of PowerPoint for the case. Do you agree or disagree with his critique of PowerPoint? State your opinion and support it with facts, examples, statistics, anecdotes, your experience, etc. But before you state your opinion, respond to someone else’s with a “Reply To” message; then state your opinion in the same message. If you believe PowerPoint has been overdone, what do you recommend instead? (If you are the first person to post a comment for this module, you obviously can’t respond to a previous email, so you only have to state your opinion.) Mr. Taft makes some very true points; however, I think he is at an extreme. I don’t agree withal that he states, but for those organizations that do take PowerPoint over the top, such as too much animation and sounds, and slide after slide after slide. That is when it is true “Death by PowerPoint.” I have been in enough of those classes and meetings! In fact, one particular
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