TD-Goodwill and Routine Emails

TD-Goodwill and Routine Emails - TD-Goodwill and Routine...

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Unformatted text preview: TD-Goodwill and Routine EmailsOne reading is an abstract from an article about e-mail as a source of conflict. Think of an example from your ownworkplace experience where some form of message created a conflict, crisis or problem. Use only examples from business, profession or workplace - NOT family or friends. The message might be from yourself or from a coworker, but think of one message - not several. What do you believe caused the conflict: words, form, tone or other source? Give a reason for your belief about cause of conflict. How could conflict have been avoided? What can the rest of us learn? Please share one experience and then comment on your classmate's posting.As the Commandant of an NCO Academy, I have several subordinate leaders under my charge. Many of them send e-mails to other organizations and provide me a copy of the e-mail by placing me in the CC line. My view is that everything that leaves my organization, whether in e-mail, hard copy memorandums, evaluation reports, deliverables of any sort, etc, are a direct...
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