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Unformatted text preview: TD-Negative Messages-Dr. Beckwith-Howard Think of a time when you had to write a negative letter OR when you received one. Do NOT choose an example of a negative letter with legal implications, such as terminating employment or threatening disciplinary action. What made the letter effective? Do you believe there are ways to soften the blow and maintain goodwill after the negative letter? Why or why not? I recently received a negative letter, but not so eloquent as some examples seen in our readings. It was very short and direct. This was a letter stating an order I placed online could not be fulfilled due to the company being out of stock of this particular product. They did apologize for their being out of stock, but there was no form of real empathy, nor was any compensation made. Their ending of goodwill was that they were sending me a new gift card and catalog, by mail, in which to make a new selection. They did try to keep it personal by stating "We are unable to ship this item because the order has been canceled due to no stock of the requested product." The letter was only effective in the respect that they made apology and are providing me a chance to order a different product of choice. However, their lack of any compensation, though not legally required by them, didn't make me any happier. Worse off, this was my first time ordering from them, so that further leaves me with a negative view of the company, and leads me to think twice about ordering an further products in the future. One way they could have soften the blow, was to offer some form of compensation, even if it was a meager offering, in addition to allowing me to order a different selection. ...
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