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Module 4 SLP - TUI UNIVERSITY BUS305 Competitive Analysis...

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TUI UNIVERSITY BUS305 Competitive Analysis and Business Cycles Module 4-Integration & Reflection Dean J. Keveles Dr. Danielle Babb August 6, 2011
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In this course, I feel that I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in understanding a varied amount of business aspects that I had not yet understood. I believe that I improved my  knowledge, skills, and abilities of  Competitive Analysis and Business Cycles through the applications within the course. The required readings of background material, in conjunction with my own research, as applicable to the current assignment, allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the material. In addition, reviewing my peers threaded discussions allowed me to see the views of others, and their research insights. I now have a better understanding of these concepts and have a greater insight on business cycles, as it relates to the current economic environment. I know that my critical-thinking skills have been better refined and can further apply to my future courses in my research and application to my studies.
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