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TD-Lets Recap the Course

TD-Lets Recap the Course - TD-Let's Recap the Course-Dr...

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Unformatted text preview: TD-Let's Recap the Course-Dr. Babb (Submit your Reflective Essay to the module 4 SLP assignment area)Given the readings and assignments in the course, please identify and briefly discuss two concepts that you believe are best applicable to your particular professional discipline. Which two are most relevant? And which were most interesting?In my new profession as a Defense Contractor, two concepts in our readings and assignments, which are best applicable to my particular professional discipline, are major categories of government revenue and the major categories of government expenditures, and supply and demand. Both of these areas of study are interdependent and inter-related within my new career field. Having spent 27 years on active duty in the Army, I have had assignments where contractual support was a necessity for mission accomplishment within Training and Doctrine Command organizations. Areas of support, required of defense contractors, are usually requested as a supplement, or in lieu of, military...
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