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TD-International Culture - TD-International Culture (Dr. Cyd

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Unformatted text preview: TD-International Culture (Dr. Cyd Naig-Coloma)Culture Please define culture from an international perspective.Is national culture important for companies going international?Why?How can culture impact a company?Please define culture from an international perspective.Rather than to limit the definition to an international perspective, the definition of culture from any perspective encompasses an idea systems, artworks, popular culture, religious beliefs, common sense, and social structure. It is the norms to any society, whether domestic to the United States, North America, Western Culture or anywhere in the world. Culture becomes a part of ones internal beliefs and behaviors shaped through their upbringing and shaping within their surrounding world; their known universe and sphere of influence.Is national culture important for companies going international?Why?Living the culture of one's national affiliation begins to define their existence. It is this known culture that defines an individual or a company in the eyes of a foreign nation or entity in which...
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