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Unformatted text preview: TD-Summary Part 2 (Dr. Cyd Naig-Coloma Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to international business administration. In my view, two important concepts discussed within this course, applicable to international business administration, has been: 1. Concepts of culture, cultural differences, and cross-cultural awareness. Failure is imminent should a company have no regard for the culture of a host nation. Although a company can establish itself inside the borders of another nation, it may have to make adjustments to its business practices based on particulars to its culture. Some may be minor, other major. Branding, advertising and packaging are normally the first changes made to the product. A smart company will ensure its staff or employees, operating with the company in the host nation, are as astute to the host nation cultures, or of the host national origin, to shape the business to what works best for business success and appeasement of the local consumer. Otherwise, failure may be imminent. 2. Concepts of Human Resource Management and Human Capital. It all boils down to finding the right human capital with job knowledge and motivation, relational skills, flexibility/adaptability, extra-cultural openness, and an adaptive family situation. These employees represent the organization abroad with appropriate language, diplomatic and intercultural communication skills. This can also assist the cultural effectiveness to the strategy, in addition to understanding the appropriate laws and regulations regarding the company's workforce within another country. ...
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