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Case Assignment 3 - TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J Keveles Module 3...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J. Keveles Module 3 Case Assignment COM301 International Communication Dr. Gerard Woodlief August 20, 2011
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August 20, 2011 Letters to the Editor Mr. Thomas Feyer The New York Times 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018 Dear Mr. Feyer, In response to We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint , written by Elisabeth Bumiller on April 26, 2010, I must respond with an opposing viewpoint. There are so many articles written debating the negative effects of Microsoft PowerPoint and its use. The belief that it is an enemy to effective meetings and discussions because it just overloads the targeted audience is a misnomer. It is the presenter that fails to understand how to properly build a conducive presentation that contributes to the meeting or discussion. I believe PowerPoint can be a powerful tool in providing information, guiding discussions, and allowing for decisions. I was first introduced to PowerPoint in 1995, while on a mission to the Republic of Korea. I was tasked to put together a PowerPoint presentation that discussed a newly developed Tactical Standing Operating Procedures for US Eighth Army. It was a cumbersome task. But,
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