Module 4 Integration and Reflection Essay

Module 4 Integration and Reflection Essay - However, my...

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TUI UNIVERSITY Dean J. Keveles Module 4 Integration and Reflection Essay COM301 International Communication Dr. Gerard Woodlief August 20, 2011
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As I reflect back on the learning objectives, required reading material, and the deliverables that I was to produce, I can say, with certainty, that I refined skills that I had already learned through the latter years of my military career. As I progressed through the previous modules, I learned new information as to way to improve those deliverable products that were required as Case Assignments and Session Long Projects. Of the previous modules, I already had a level of proficiency in routine and persuasive messages; articulating well-formed emails; applying models of persuasion to create business messages through the use of military decision papers for my higher headquarters’ commanders; creating memorandums, emails, and PowerPoint presentations for many, many military briefings.
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Unformatted text preview: However, my experience with creating these deliverables always need refinement. I didn't feel that I was more challenged that that in which I could handle. I plan to put to good use the knowledge of creating compare and contrast documents as a part of the context of decision papers for my future change in careers, as I ready myself to transition from the military to the private sector. I believe that I provided well-thought out discussion threads with my peers, as well as to direct questions from the Professor. I am confident that the deliverable products I submitted for both case Assignments and Session Long Projects were of quality, yet I felt a challenge due to less interaction as within a traditional classroom vice an online learning environment. The amount of immediate feedback is limited, and often, I took best guess, or had to do additional research, which was a positive reinforcement in the long run....
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Module 4 Integration and Reflection Essay - However, my...

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