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Unformatted text preview: TD-Summary Part 2-Dr. Becker Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to your professional discipline. As I had mentioned in the previous threaded discussion (TD 4), one area of this course that is an important concept is what we communicate in a persuasive manner; requiring us to "convince" other to our thought patterns. Improperly written documents or modes of communication, can turn off the reader and sway them from your concept or idea. In my current position as Commandant of the Fort Sill NCO Academy, I need to convince higher headquarters to do several things that are conducive to improving training for the students who transition though the ir respective levels of professional military education. this means everything from maintaining and increasing my budget, to implementing new training, or changing training, manning the Academy with the right personnel in my overhead and as instructors, etc. Another concept within this course that is relevant to my current and future profession is the use of PowerPoint. Module 3 really has a profound effect on the understanding of PowerPoint's proper use. Many people are opposed to PowerPoint, as they have only seen the negative aspects and use of this program. As I had stated within my assignment and as read within the required readings, and my own research, PowerPoint can be a powerful tool, when used properly. I have used PowerPoint on many occasions, to include sitting through "death by PowerPoint sessions." Assuredly, i will use PowerPoint throughout my future career as a Program manager for a Defense Contractor. I will apply lessons learned throughout this course to better apply good techniques to building applicable presentations. ...
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