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Jennifer Laney Art Appreciation B-2 June 2, 2008 Compare and Contrast Paper on 3 Different Artworks Going back all the way to the prehistoric times, they already had different types of architecture. The most famous piece of architecture of that time period was The Great Pyramids of Egypt, which are still famous today. Then we move on to The Pantheon which was created in 118-125 Rome which was created by the Romans, next is the Pyramid Temple which was created by the Mayans in 1000AD in Mexico. One of the more modern pieces of architecture was created by I.M Pei the Grand Louvre – Phase I was completed in 1989. They are all in a way similar they all have a triangle shape to them, most o them do have pyramid shape or a pyramid. They also have some sort of significance to them, by representing a leader or built to praise them. Such as the Great Pyramids where there to praise the King and his Queen, then his son. The Pyramid Temple of the Mayans was to praise God, and they tried to
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Unformatted text preview: make their temple as high as possible so they could be closer to God. Then the Pantheon is a Greek Temple where the Popes and Church leaders could go to praise God, a place of sanctuary. That is why it is in such good shape because it was giving to the Popes and they have taken good care of it. The Grand Louvre is a place architecture capital. The difference between these are, they are all in different countries and made by different types of people. Even though they are made by different people they are similar, some they did not even see before they built theirs. Which is a bit ironic? They all have basis of symmetry but are made out of different types of stone. The main difference between them is that they are in different countries. But they all have the same purpose and are all beautiful and I would love to go and see them one day....
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